employee engagement

14 SEP 2012

Employee satisfaction vs. employee engagement surveys

Employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction tells us how much employees are satisfied with their work, salary and work environment. It is typically measured with satisfaction surveys that include questions about work environment, salary and benefits and availability of tools and resources.

Example areas and questions include :

Carrier paths

  • I have opportunities for growth in my organization.
  • I receive training necessary to do my job.
  • My work is challenging.

Salary and benefits

  • I am paid fair for the work I do.
  • I am satisfied with my benefits package.


  • I feel safe in my workplace.
  • I have all resources I need to do my job.

Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement tells us how much employees are passionate about their work and organization. It is typically measured with engagement surveys that measure employee relations with the organization and people (especially his/her manager).

Example areas and questions include :


  • Fair and open communication is encouraged in the organization.
  • Top management communicates well with the organization.
  • My manager communicates well with his/her team.

Team work

  • Team work is encouraged in the organization.
  • Employees can and do work in a team.


  • My manager treats all his/her employees fairly.
  • Employees in the organization are treated fairly.
  • Promotion and salary rules are clear and fair.
  • I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and views.

Satisfaction and engagement surveys are most effective when performed periodically (e.g. every 6 or 12 months) so you can measure dynamics and the results of corrective actions.

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