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SFTP access

This functionality will allow you to view and read survey reports using the SFTP protocol. You won't be able to modify or delete your reports. In order to modify or delete your surveys please log into your account with administrator role.

NOTE. Access to SFTP is protected with a firewall. Access requires registration of IP address of the computer that will be used to connect with the service on the mysurveylab server.

NOTE. Access to SFTP is restricted only to the users that have Administrator role in the system and after contact with our support team.

To connect with SFTP service you will need SFTP clients. Web browsers like Firefox, IE or Chrome can support SFTP protocol.

Catalogue structure

Catalogues reflect the structure of surveys in the application. The system automatically refreshes reports available on SFTP and overwrites old files with the new ones. Files always contain a full set of responses collected for a given survey.

NOTE. SFTP server contains only reports for surveys that have collected responses. If the survey has been created but has no responses it won't be visible on the SFTP server.

survey results file structure on FTP

survey:1 - a main catalogue of survey no.1
   collect:1 - collector no.1, catalog contains files in .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .sav and .por formats. All files contain same set of data but in a different format.

* Option available in the Enterprise plan.