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MySurveyLab provides integration via webhooks. Thanks to this functionality you can transfer data or trigger survey with any event (eg. conversation finished on online chat) in the other system. This way you can integrate with any tool or service (eg. CRM, eshop, online chat).

Add respondent to the contact list

This functionality allows you to dynamically update contacts list for a selected collector. This feature works both with closed and active collectors. If a collector is active system will automatically send survey invitations for the new contacts that have been added.


Available parameters

You can use all or only selected parameters. apiToken, cId, email and crk are required.

Parameter Example Description
apiToken apiToken=[TOKEN] Required. Security token.
cId cld=[COLLECTOR ID] Required. Collector ID.
email email=[RESPONDENT EMAIL] Required. Respondent email.
crk crk=[CRK DATA] Required. Unique response ID (crk).
referrer referrer=[RESPONDENT DATA] Optional. Referrer can contain any data or information.
language language=[SURVEY LANGUAGE] Optional. Survey language.


NOTE. Response ID (crk) have to be unique for each survey invitation.

Add additional information to the survey

This functionality allows you to automatically update survey with any information that is coming from other tool or system (eg. CRM, eshop, online chat). You can transfer multiple information with a single link.

URL structure[COLLECTOR ID]/referrer/[RESPONDENT DATA]/custom1/[CUSTOM1]

Available parameters

All parameters, except cId, are optional.

Parameter Example Description
cId cId/[COLLECTOR ID] Required. Collector ID.
referrer referrer/[RESPONDENT DATA] Optional. The Referrer can contain any data or information.
email email/[EMAIL] Optional. Email.
phone phone/[PHONE] Optional. Phone.
name name/[NAME] Optional. Name.
surname surname/[SURNAME] Optional. Surname.
language language/[SURVEY LANGUAGE] Optional. Survey language.
custom1 custom1/[CUSTOM1] Optional. Custom information 1.
custom2 custom2/[CUSTOM2] Optional. Custom information 2.
custom3 custom3/[CUSTOM3] Optional. Custom information 3.
... ... ...
custom8 custom8/[CUSTOM8] Optional. Custom information 8.


Added data is available in survey reports export files (detailed report, all formats).

NOTE. Webhook is an instant notification about certain event eg. chat closed or ticket closed. This kind of notification can be transferred with HTTP / HTTPS protocol. You can read more about webhooks on Wikipedia.

* Functionality is available for Professional and Enterprise plans.