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Add logo

You can make your survey look more professional by adding a logo. Logo by default will be placed in a top left corner of your survey, but you can change its position.

To add logo :

  1. Press Branding button placed in the left menu
  2. ADD NEW THEME (1.), or press EDIT (2.) button to edit existing survey skin, or create survey COPY (3.)
    branding editting
  3. Press Logo button and then Add logo 
  4. Select logo on your drive or upload logo from your computer
    download logo

NOTE. Logo should be in .gif, .jpg, or .png format. We recommend to use logo with a size smaller than 50 kB. If it is bigger use Photoshop, Gimp, Paint or another tool to resize it.

You can also change logo placement on the questionnaire. There are three available options :

  • left side
  • right side
  • centered (above text)

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