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Design survey provides a variety of tools that allow to customize a survey. You will be able to divide survey into blocks and pages, change colours, place logo or graphical elements to make your survey more pro.


To add new question :

        1. Press Add question button

add question

       2. Select question type. Learn more about question types in section Surveys Questions.

To edit existing question :

       1. Press edit Edit question button
edit question

To delete question :

        1. Press delete Delete question button
delete question

         2. Confirm action

         3. Question (and all collected responses for this question) will be permanently deleted

To copy question :

         1. Press copy Copy question button
copy question

         2. Question copy will be create below copied question

To move question :

          1. Press Move question ^ button, to move question up

          2. Press Move question v button, to move question down
moove question

NOTE. If you delete question, all collected responses (for this question) will be permanently deleted.

To add a new page :

         1. Press Add page button
add page
         2. Click on Survey Name to change page title


To edit survey name :

        1. Click on survey name (default name is set as "New survey <date>")
survey name

        2. Enter new name, the system will automatically save it

To change question numbering method :

        1. Select one of the available numbering options from the select box. You can set - question numbering for the whole survey, each page separately or turn numbering off
questions numbering


To add survey logic :

        1. Press Logic button. Learn more about survey logic in Survey logic section

To preview survey :

        1. Press Preview button

        2. Survey preview will be displayed in a new window

* Survey skins are available for Starter, Standard, Professional and Enterprise plan.