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Collect responses with a web widget

A web widget is usually small survey displayed as floating object that can be placed on your website or inside a mobile app. The widget can have any shape and size. Usually, it is 320 px but you can scale it to your needs.

You can display widget at any moment e.g. after a certain amount of time or after certain action performed by your website user.

Triggers :

  • after a certain amount of time
  • after page scroll by a certain number of px
  • in an attempt to leave a page
  • if page URL contains certain keywords

To create web widget :

  1. select survey for which you want to collect responses
  2. press Collectors button, to add a new collector
  3. press + ADD COLLECTOR button
  4. select URL Link / Web widget distribution method
  5. activate collector, and press Share button, to copy widget code
  6. paste widget code in the BODY section of your web page, on which it will be displayed

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