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Export file structure export file contains three types of data : statistical data (automatic), respondent identification (contacts) and survey results.

Statistical data (automatic)

Data saved automatically for each survey.

field description
Response Id Survey identification number
Response Id 2 Survey identification number (information collected with response ID mechanism)
userAgentData Information about device, operating system, and web browser version
Start date Survey start date
End date Survey finish date
Time spent on page 1 Time a respondent spent on page 1  (in seconds)
Time spent on page 2 Time a respondent spent on page 2  (in seconds)
Time spent on page ... Time a respondent spent on page ... (in seconds)
Reference (URL) Information saved with HTTP referrer mechanism

NOTE. Reference (URL) field may not be available in some cases.

Respondent identification (contacts)

Data linked with mysurveylab address book. Available with mysurveylab mass mailing mechanism. Need to be entered in Contacts module before survey start. This is optional information.

field description
First name respondent first name
Last name respondent second name
Email respondent email
Phone respondent phone
Custom 1 custom field 1
Custom 2 custom field 2
Custom 3 custom field 3
Custom ... ...

NOTE. Custom 1, 2, 3, ... fields have been created to allow precise contacts description with information like e.g. company, country, city, gender, occupation or age.

Survey results

Responses to the questions asked in a survey.

* This option is available in Starter, Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plans.