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To change the survey invitation: enables creating and editing survey invitations. To do this:
  1.  Go to Collect Responses.                                                                                                Collect responses
  2. Add a collector and set Email / SMS invitations distribution method in basic configurations of the collector.distribution method
  3. Press SAVE button. You will be redirected to the Messages page.                                  Save button         
  4. Set the sending method.Sending method
  5. Set the start time for sending an invitation and press CUSTOMIZE button to change content and styles of the message.                             set the start time for sending
  6. You can also add the first and the second reminder to complete the survey. Adjust all the settings of the message and press the button ACTIVATEActivate reminder to complete the survey
  7. To add the automatic THANK YOU message for completing the survey ajust all the settings of the message and press the button ACTIVATE. The message will be automatically sent after respondend completes the survey. Thank you message

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