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Groupwork (Multi-user)

With you can work in a team on your surveys and tests. Moreover, you can decide who can do what in a system by granting account users with different roles and access rights. Each user will have its own login and role.

To create a new account :

  1. Go to Account and then Manage users
    manage users
  2. Click on + ADD USER button
    add user
  3. Enter new user data and press Save button
    add user settings

To manage account setting :
manage users

  • Click on Access button to manage access to surveys
  • Click on Role button to edit user data and role
  • Click on Delete button to delete user

Available user roles :

  • Administrator. Full control over system account.
  • Manager. Ability to manage collectors, edit surveys and view report
  • Editor. Ability to view reports and edit surveys.
  • Pollster. Take surveys (Mobile app collector) after logging into the system
  • Viewer. Ability to view reports and surveys.

The table below summarizes privileges for each role

  Admin Manager Editor Pollster Viewer
Preview surveys + + + - +
Edit surveys + + + - -
Create collector + + - - -
Take surveys (Mobile app collector) + + + + +
Preview reports + + + - +
Share and export results + - - - -
Edit roles and access rights + - - - -

* Option available in Professional and Enterprise plan.

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