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This document describes main user interface elements of the mysurveylab application. The user interface is available in Polish and English languages. You can change your working language anytime by clicking on language selector. Surveys can be created in any language including right-to-left written languages like Arabic o Hebrew.

mysurveylab application top menu

On each page, you will find navigation bar informing where you currently are and making it easier to return to the previous page.


Main menu elements description :

  1. Surveys - on this page you will find all your surveys and tests.
  2. Contacts - here you will find the list of your contacts (respondents). Contacts are used when you collect responses by our mailing system. This feature allows you to track responses.
  3. Account - here you can manage your account, change a password, update invoice data or change preferences.
  4. Upgrade - here you can make payment for subscription.
  5. Help - help files and answers to frequently asked questions.

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