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Email notifications

Set email notifications options for your surveys. Notifications will be send only if new response will appear for a survey.

For each collector you can define separate notification rule - disabled, hourly, daily, weekly notifications. Detailed parameters concerning time and date are set globally for the account.

In order to set notification :

  1. go to Account tab
  2. select Notification settings
  3. set global parameters for email notification types for your account
  4. press SAVE button

Notification types

  1. Disabled. Email notifications disabled.
  2. Instant. Email notifications send instantly as new response is collected.
  3. Hourly. Email notifications send every 1, 2, 3, 4 hours.
  4. Daily. Email notifications send daily at requested time.
  5. Weekly. Email notifications send weekly at a given day of a week.

NOTE. Notifications will be send only if new response will be collected for a survey.

* Option available in Standard, Professional and Enterprise plan.

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