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Survey reports provides various analytical tools that allow you to conduct basic response analysis directly in the system.


To open a report and start data analysis :

  1. Press report Report button
  2. You will see a Summary report with aggregated data for your survey. To view individual responses go to List of responses.

NOTE. On response details, you will see all answer choices, including those that were not chosen by respondent. Selected answer choices are marked.


To track dependencies between gathered data use filters. For example, you can see what answers for your survey were given by women or by people in a certain age. This is a very powerful tool.

To add a filter :

  1. Create report copy, to do it press Copy report button
    copy reprt
  2. Press Filters button
  3. Choose filter options you need
  4. Changes will be saved automatically


To do even more analysis with your data you can export it in .csv (comma separated values), .xls or .xlsx format for easy Ms Excel, SPSS or any other program upload.

To export data :

  1. Press Export button
    export report
  2. Select export format

NOTE. You will need WinZip or other archiving software that can read zip files to open exported data. To download WinZip please go to or

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