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Single or Multiple Choice

Single or Multiple choice question. Provided answers are presented vertically, horizontally or as a drop-down list. Respondent can select one or multiple answer choices from available options.
Single or Multiple Choice


  • provide score on a scale
  • likert scale question
  • yes / no question


You have five question layout options to choose from :

  • single choice vertical
  • single choice horizontal
  • single choice list
  • multiple choice vertical
  • multiple choice horizontal


single choice


  1. Enter question
  2. Enter additional description (optional)
  3. Enter answer choices. Each answer choice should be entered on a separate line. Add points if you want MySurveyLab to automatically calculate score at the survey end. Enter (na) for options that need to be excluded from metric calculation.
  4. Press SAVE button

NOTE. Do you need to calculate a score for your survey? As you created the survey, please remember to add metric. You can add multiple metrics for a single survey.